Accepted Papers

  • Mixed Connectivity of Random Graphs
    Ran Gu, Yongtang Shi and Neng Fan
  • Conflict-free connection numbers of line graphs
    Bo Deng, Wenjing Li, Xueliang Li, Yaping Mao and Haixing Zhao
  • New Insights for Power Edge Set Problem
    Benoit Darties, Annie Chateau, Rodolphe Giroudeau and Mathias Weller
  • Approximation Algorithms for the Generalized Stacker Crane Problem
    Jianping Li, Xiaofei Liu, Weidong Li and Li Guan
  • Fast Approximation Algorithms for Computing Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree
    Pei Yao and Longkun Guo
  • Filtering Undesirable Flows in Networks
    Gleb Polevoy, Stojan Trajanovski, Paola Grosso and Cees de Laat
  • Modelling and Solving Anti-aircraft Mission Planning for Defensive Missile Battalions
    Trang Nguyen, Trung Bui, Bang Nguyen and Su Le
  • A Spectral Partitioning Algorithm for Maximum Directed Cut Problem
    Zhenning Zhang, Donglei Du, Chenchen Wu, Dachuan Xu and Dongmei Zhang
  • Extended spanning star forest problems
    Kaveh Khoshkhah, Mehdi Khosravian Ghadikolaei, Jerome Monnot and Dirk Oliver Theis
  • Faster and Enhanced Inclusion-Minimal Cograph Completion
    Christophe Crespelle, Daniel Lokshtanov, Thi Ha Duong Phan and Eric Thierry
  • Better approximation ratios for the single-vehicle scheduling problems on tree/cycle networks
    Yuanxiao Wu and Xiwen Lu
  • On the Complexity of Detecting \(k\)-Length Negative Cost Cycles
    Longkun Guo and Peng Li
  • A framework for overall storage overflow problem to maximize the lifetime in WSNs
    Guoliang Song, Chen Zhang, Chuang Liu and Yuna Chai
  • Floorplans with Columns
    Katsuhisa Yamanaka, Md. Saidur Rahman and Shin-Ichi Nakano
  • A Parallel Construction of Vertex-disjoint Spanning Trees with Optimal Heights in Star Networks
    Shih-Shun Kao, Jou-Ming Chang, Kung-Jui Pai, Jinn-Shyong Yang, Shyue-Ming Tang and Ro-Yu Wu
  • Trajectory-Based Multi-Hop Relay Deployment in Wireless Networks
    Shilei Tian, Haotian Wang, Sha Li, Fan Wu and Guihai Chen
  • An Efficient Primal-Dual Algorithm for Fair Combinatorial Optimization Problems
    Viet Hung Nguyen and Paul Weng
  • Structure of Towers and a New Proof of the Tight Cut Lemma
    Nanao Kita
  • Efficient Algorithms for Ridesharing of Personal Vehicles
    Qianping Gu, Leo Jiajian Liang and Guochuan Zhang
  • Protein Mover's Distance: A Geometric Approach for Solving Global Alignment of PPI Networks
    Manni Liu and Hu Ding
  • Optimal Topology Design of High Altitude Platform based Maritime Broadband Communication Networks
    Jianli Duan, Tiange Zhao and Bin Lin
  • A Refined Characteristic of Minimum Contingency Set for Conjunctive Query
    Dongjing Miao and Zhipeng Cai
  • Minimizing Total Completion Time of Batch Scheduling with Nonidentical Job Sizes
    Rongqi Li, Zhiyi Tan and Qianyu Zhu
  • A local search approximation algorithm for a squared metric \(k\)-facility location problem
    Dongmei Zhang, Dachuan Xu, Yishui Wang, Peng Zhang and Zhenning Zhang
  • Combinatorial Approximation algorithms for Spectrum Assignment Problem in Chain and Ring Networks
    Guangting Chen, Lei Zhang, An Zhang and Yong Chen
  • Generalized pyramidal tours for the Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem
    Michael Khachay and Katherine Neznakhina
  • Perspectives of Big Data Analysis in Urban Railway Planning: Shenzhen Metro Case Study
    Keke Peng, Caiwei Yuan and Wen Xu
  • Cloning Automata: Simulation and Analysis of Computer Bacteria
    Chu Chen, Zhenhua Duan and Cong Tian
  • The 2-Median Problem on Cactus Graphs with Positive and Negative Weights
    Bai Chunsong and Kang Liying
  • Research on Arrival Integration method for Point Merge System in Tactical Operation
    Yannan Qi, Xinglong Wang and Chen Chen
  • Repair Position Selection for Inconsistent Data
    Xianmin Liu, Yingshu Li and Jianzhong Li
  • The eigen-distribution of weighted game trees
    Shohei Okisaka, Weiguang Peng, Wenjuan Li and Kazuyuki Tanaka
  • Unbounded One-Way Trading on Distributions with Monotone Hazard Rate
    Francis Chin, Francis Lau, Hing-Fung Ting, Haisheng Tan and Yong Zhang
  • The Coloring Reconfiguration Problem on Specific Graph Classes
    Tatsuhiko Hatanaka, Takehiro Ito and Xiao Zhou
  • On Adaptive Bitprobe Schemes for Storing Two Elements
    Deepanjan Kesh
  • Cost-Sharing Mechanisms for Selfish Bin Packing
    Chenhao Zhang and Guochuan Zhang
  • Generalized Bidirectional Limited Magnitude Error Correcting Code for MLC Flash Memories
    Akram Hussain, Xinchun Yu and Yuan Luo
  • On the Profit-Maximizing for Transaction Platforms in Crowd Sensing
    Xi Luo, Jialiang Lu, Guangshuo Chen, Linghe Kong and Minyou Wu
  • Algorithms for the Ring Star Problem
    Xujin Chen, Xiaodong Hu, Zhongzheng Tang, Chenhao Wang and Ying Zhang
  • A New Approximation Algorithm for the Maximum Stacking Base Pairs Problem from RNA Secondary Structures Prediction
    Aizhong Zhou, Haitao Jiang, Jiong Guo and Daming Zhu
  • A Simple Greedy Algorithm for the Profit-aware Social Team Formation Problem
    Shengxin Liu and Chung Keung Poon
  • Price Fluctuation in Online Leasing
    Christine Markarian, Björn Feldkord and Friedhelm Meyer Auf der Heide
  • On the Complexity of Robust Stable Marriage
    Begum Genc, Gilles Simonin, Mohamed Siala and Barry O'Sullivan
  • Longest Previous non-overlapping Factors Table Computation
    Supaporn Chairungsee and Maxime Crochemore
  • Modeling and Verifying Multi-Core Programs
    Nan Zhang and Zhenhua Duan
  • Hamiltonian cycles in covering graphs of trees
    Hiroshi Nishiyama, Lasislav Stacho and Pavol Hell
  • A Memetic Algorithm for the Linear Ordering Problem with Cumulative Costs
    Taoqing Zhou, Zhipeng Lü, Tao Ye and Kan Zhou
  • Improved Branching Algorithm for \((n,3)\)-MaxSAT Based on Refined Observations
    Wenjun Li, Jianxin Wang, Chao Xu and Yongjie Yang
  • Doctor Rostering in Compliance with the New UK Junior Doctor Contract
    Anna Lavygina, Kristopher Welsh and Alan Crispin
  • On k-Strong Conflict--Free Multicoloring
    Luisa Gargano, Adele Rescigno and Ugo Vaccaro
  • Bounds for Static Black-Peg AB Mastermind
    Christian Glazik, Gerold Jäger, Jan Schiemann and Anand Srivastav
  • Graph Editing to a Given Neighbourhood Degree List is Fixed-Parameter Tractable
    Naomi Nishimura and Vijay Subramanya
  • Approximating \(k\)-Forest with Resource Augmentation: A Primal-Dual Approach
    Eric Angel, Kim Thang Nguyen and Shikha Singh
  • Parameterized Approximation Algorithms for some Location Problems in Graphs
    Arne Leitert and Feodor Dragan
  • Tropical paths in vertex-colored graphs
    Johanne Cohen, Giuseppe F. Italiano, Yannis Manoussakis, Kim Thang Nguyen and Hong Phong Pham
  • A new graph parameter to measure linearity
    Pierre Charbit, Michel Habib, Lalla Mouatadid and Reza Naserasr
  • Planar Vertex-Disjoint Cycle Packing: New Structures and Improved Kernel
    Qilong Feng, Xiaolu Liao and Jianxin Wang
  • The Cop Number of the One-Cop-Moves Game on Planar Graphs
    Ziyuan Gao and Boting Yang
  • Touring Convex Polygons In Polygonal Domain Fences
    Amirhossein Mozafari, Alireza Zarei and Arash Ahadi
  • Listing acyclic sbugraphs and subgraphs of bounded girth in directed graphs
    Alessio Conte, Kurita Kazuhiro, Kunihiro Wasa and Takeaki Uno
  • On Structural Parameterizations of the Matching Cut Problem
    N R Aravind, Subrahmanyam Kalyanasundaram and Anjeneya Swami Kare
  • The Price of Anarchy in Two-Stage Scheduling Games
    Deshi Ye, Lin Chen and Guochuan Zhang
  • The Spectral Radius and Domination Number of Uniform Hypergraphs
    Liying Kang, Wei Zhang and Erfang Shan
  • On the Linearization of Scaffolds sharing Repeated Contigs
    Mathias Weller, Annie Chateau and Rodolphe Giroudeau
  • Classication Statistics in RFID Systems
    Zhenzao Wen, Jiapeng Huang, Linghe Kong, Min-You Wu and Guihai Chen
  • Improved Methods for Computing Distances between Unordered Trees Using Integer Programming
    Eunpyeong Hong, Yasuaki Kobayashi and Akihiro Yamamoto
  • Selfish Jobs with Favorite Machines: Price of Anarchy vs Strong Price of Anarchy
    Cong Chen, Paolo Penna and Yinfeng Xu
  • Faster algorithms for 1-mappability of a sequence
    Mai Alzamel, Panagiotis Charalampopoulos, Costas S Iliopoulos, Solon P Pissis, Jakub Radoszewski and Wing-Kin Sung
  • An Improved Mechanism for Selfish Bin Packing
    Xin Chen, Qingqin Nong and Qizhi Fang
  • Novel Scheduling for Energy Management in Microgrid
    Zaixin Lu, Jd Youngs, Zhi Chen and Miao Pan
  • Approximation Algorithms for Maximum Coverage with Group Budget Constraints
    Longkun Guo, Min Li and Dachuan Xu
  • Lexico-minimum Replica Placement in Multitrees
    K. Alex Mills, R. Chandrasekaran and Neeraj Mittal
  • On Interdependent Failure Resilient Multi-Path Routing in Smart Grid Communication Network
    Zishen Yang, Donghyun Kim and Wei Wang
  • Complexity and Online Algorithms for Minimum Skyline Coloring of Intervals
    Thomas Erlebach, Fu-Hong Liu, Hsiang-Hsuan Liu, Mordechai Shalom, Prudence W.H. Wong and Shmuel Zaks
  • The Euclidean Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Depots and Time Windows
    Liang Song and Hejiao Huang
  • Toward energy-efficient and robust clustering algorithm on Mobile Ad hoc Sensor Networks
    Huamei Qi, Tailong Xiao, Anfeng Liu and Su Jiang
  • Online Algorithms for Non-preemptive Speed Scaling on Power-Heterogeneous Processors
    Aeshah Alsughayyir and Thomas Erlebach
  • An efficient algorithm for judicious partition of hypergraphs
    Tunzi Tan, Jihong Gui, Sainan Wang, Suixiang Gao and Wenguo Yang