Best Papers Award

  • Cost-Sharing Mechanisms for Selfish Bin Packing

    Chenhao Zhang and Guochuan Zhang

Best Papers Runner-Up Award

  • Algorithms for the Ring Star Problem

    Xujin Chen, Xiaodong Hu, Zhongzheng Tang, Chenhao Wang and Ying Zhang

  • Approximating \(k\)-Forest with Resource Augmentation: A Primal-Dual Approach

    Eric Angel, Kim Thang Nguyen and Shikha Singh

Best Papers Finalist

  • The Price of Anarchy in Two-Stage Scheduling Games
    Deshi Ye, Lin Chen and Guochuan Zhang
  • Novel Scheduling for Energy Management in Microgrid
    Zaixin Lu, Jd Youngs, Zhi Chen and Miao Pan
  • On Interdependent Failure Resilient Multi-Path Routing in Smart Grid Communication Network
    Zishen Yang, Donghyun Kim and Wei Wang